3.B Social Acceptability of Environmental Risks

Work Packages
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The research focuses on perceptions and assessments of the acceptability of risks caused by chemicals, including resilience to these risks (Sub-objective 3.2). We will examine how people subjectively perceive different risks, in particular the health and environmental risks associated with chemicals, including an analysis of preferences for reducing these risks. Research will focus on heterogeneity in perceptions of risk perceptions and preferences to reduce them. Perception and assessment of complex risks will be based on threat and vulnerability analysis using qualitative methods and a semi-quantitative index method. Another partial result will be an examination of the population’s attitudes towards health and environmental risks arising from the proximity of landfills in the municipality. Based on the results of the study, recommendations would be made for municipalities to propose means on how to communicate these complex risks and threats to citizens, how to raise their awareness of the issue and lead them to understand the wider context with the potential to improve the general public perception of the issue.

Principal Investigator
  • Mgr. Milan Ščasný Ph.D. (UK)
  • doc. Ing. Mgr. Jana Soukopová Ph.D. (MUNI)
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